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April 21, 2015

Bad days happen. Not-so-blissful emotions happen. That’s life. The trick is not to kick and scream and deny it and ignore it and stuff those emotions down where they will fester, grow stronger, and bubble back up someday, with a vengeance.

ALLOW your emotions their right to live, FEEL them, STUDY them and where they come from, and THEY will let go of YOU, in time…not the other way around.

Have your bad day, shitty moment, a good long cry, and then DO something about it. Hoop to loud music, do yoga, run, beat up an inanimate object, dance around in your underwear (preferably in the rain)…just MOVE your body and allow it to process those emotions on a physical plane, chewing them up and spitting them out in your sweat, tears, and laughter.

Keep breathing, and it will ALWAYS get better. That’s a promise.

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