I look forward to my private yoga lessons with Christine each week. She is a great teacher, patient and knowledgeable. She knows just when to push me to help me realize my potential. And I love our hooping time, too! Its great to be able to learn something new and exciting, while getting a good workout. I leave each week better for my time spent, relaxed and in a better state of mind.

Megan W.

In my position as an Assistant Dean in the College of Medicine I am constantly counseling my students about the importance of finding balance in their lives.  Of course they must spend a great deal of time studying massive amounts of material in medical school, but it is also crucial that they take time for self-care. This balance is important for everyone and I seek it for myself. What a delight it was to find two essential components of self-care — exercise and pure enjoyment – (along with a healthy splash of reflection) in Christine’s Hoop Dance Workshops. Each workshop was challenging and tremendous fun, and I highly recommend them!”

Nora J.Few, PhD, RD, MScPH
Executive Assistant Dean
University of Illinois College of Medicine

Christine is absolutely fantastic as a teacher and as a friend. Having recently moved to Urbana-Champaign, Christine was so welcoming and introduced me in the kindest way to the local hoop community. I’ve taken two other hoop dance classes in Milwaukee in recent years and I’ve found that Christine’s expertise and model of teaching is most successful. She carefully crafts each class in the sequence to ensure that students are able to navigate lessons with ease and she works with each individual student, specifically attending to hooper’s needs and skill level. Teaching people to hoop is a difficult skill since students must find their own way of moving with the hoop. But Christine offers variations and stresses to her students that there is no move/trick they can’t do, they just can’t do it yet. Christine is also a talented and elegant hoop dancer and is an inspiration to the whole class. Perhaps most exciting for me was her incorporation of yoga into hoop dancing – this is something I had never experienced and it strengthened my love for both hooping and yoga. It is obvious that Christine is passionate about her practice and teaching of hoop dance. The class was absolutely a pleasure.

Melissa S.
Graduate Student, University of Illinois

I have the great, good fortune to participate in the chair yoga classes offered by the UIUC Library which are given by Christine Janak. I really like these sessions for a number of reasons. First, they give me a chance to connect with colleagues in a nonverbal way which is calming, healthful, and beneficial to us all. I also appreciate the classes because Christine gives very clear cues, so we always know what is expected. She also provides several options for each of the asanas, so class members of every level of skill and ability can benefit from the poses and feel successful. Finally, Christine always shares some of the spiritual aspects of yoga with us during the classes, which adds a special and important dimension to our experience. I always feel better and happier after our classes with Christine, and sometimes I even feel euphoric. I am really grateful to her for providing this wonderful service to us.

UIUC Library Yogi

Taking yoga and hoop classes with Christine was the highlight of my week for her last month long series. It was the one time in my week where I felt I could have fun, be relaxed and move my body, all with the watchful and encouraging presence of a loving teacher. As her yoga teacher trainer, I have enjoyed watching Christine blossom as a yoga teacher. She has come into her voice and her teaching style so nicely and with such vigor. Her teaching style is unique, inviting and enjoyable and anyone would benefit from learning either yoga or hooping from Christine (preferably at the same time!).

Kelsey Bourgeois
Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200), Program Director of Teacher Training & Retreats
Amara Yoga & Arts

I was new to yoga 10 months ago when I began taking classes from Christine.  Being a long distance runner, flexibility was not a strength of mine so I was unsure of how this whole yoga thing would go.  Not to worry–Christine has a special way of welcoming newcomers while challenging those with more experience.  From the varied routines to the unique playlists, I look forward to my yoga class twice a week.  I have become stronger and more flexible.  No less important is the peacefulness it brings.  Christine’s soothing voice, encouraging words, and positive outlook on life help me to feel grounded and calm, especially on those tough days as a teacher. As I have come to know Christine, I’ve discovered just how talented she is.  We are rich in local music talent here in east central Illinois, but Sun Stereo is a band that stands apart from the rest.  They have a unique sound for sure, but they also have Christine, who performs with hoops, scarves, and more.  She is truly mesmerizing!

Sue A.
Runner and Third Grade Teacher

I have to say that I was very impressed with Christine’s class that I attended. It was hard to believe that she  just recently had earned her yoga teaching credentials. What a great natural teacher!  Her effortless teaching style, “choreography,”  instructions, personality were just wow!..I hope to see more of her classes in  the future. There is a lot of talent here.

Tatiana H.
Yogi of 4 years

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